About us…

Moonlight Caravan is a fresh tour operator excited to welcome you onboard.

Our philosophy

At Moonlight Caravan, we are keen to take good care of our guests and provide you with a personalized experience based on what you aspire to live in Oman.

In order to implement our philosophy, we chose to shy away from the purely corporate aspect of the big providers of touristic services to embrace a warmer approach so that you can feel like home among friends and family.

Our offer

We offer a wide range of activities and services to fit all tastes. Whether you come to Oman to relax after a long year of stress and hard work, to enjoy some physical challenges and adventures in the mesmerizing landscapes or to immerse yourself in the history and culture, we have all your desires covered. Whether you’re a lone traveler looking for some me time, a couple in need of a romantic getaway, a family, a group of friends wanting to build unforgettable memories, your wish is our commend.