Hello from Oman!

My name is Ibrahim and I am the founder of Moonlight Caravan. I have always passionate about travel and tourism and human relations. I was previously working as a librarian because of my love of books and culture but I always had that desire to create my own tour operator agency to give the chance to visitors to discover our beautiful country and have them live some memorable human experiences. The desire became a drive that led me to make my dream come true.

I take this opportunity to welcome you onboard of Moonlight Caravan!

See you soon!

About Oman…

The Sultanate of Oman is located at the south-east of the Arabic Peninsula and shares borders with the United Arab Emirates in the North-West, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the West and Yemen in the South-West.

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Oman used to be an empire that extended from the Eastern shores of Africa (Zanzibar) to parts of current Pakistan, which explains the ethnic and linguistic diversity of the Omani people. However, the founder of the modern Sultanate of Oman is His Late Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who passed away on the 10th of January 2020. Until his accession to the throne, the country had, for instance, very few infrastructures. In record time, he developed the country to modern states standards while ensuring that its cultural identity and traditions are preserved.

His Late Majesty, Sultan Qaboos bon Said

His cousin, His Majesty Haitham bin Tariq has since been designated as his successor and pursues the efforts towards modernisation of the country while working on facing nowadays global challenges.

His Majesty Haitham bin Tariq

What is fascinating about Oman is that while the capital is a modern multiethnic and multicultural city with a strong authentic feel, stepping out immediately feels like traveling in time and jumping into the local way of life. Some areas even feel like we are stepping out of the flow of Time, which makes Oman the ideal destination to disconnect from our modern world’s stress and routine and enjoy an unforgettable moment.

Besides the mainland, Oman is also composed of an exclave (a part of a state separated from the mainland by a foreign state) : Musandam in the North, beyond the United Arab Emirates.

Oman enjoys magnificent and diverse landscapes. On one hand, you will be able to relax in the desert while on the other hand, you will feast your eyes on the greenery, water streams and falls of the Wadis. The relaxing feel and beauty of the beaches and shores are only exceeded by the stunning view offered by the highest mountains.

Interestingly enough, Oman also has two tourist seasons depending on whether you’re visiting the North or the South of the country. In the North, which is the part most tourists visit, the season extends from October~November to April. However, in the South, the Dhofar Government, the high season extends from June~July to September. It is the monsoon season called locally Khareef (Autumn) during which the rains transform the whole landscape of the area, bringing greenery, fog and replenishing water streams and falls. The Khareef is particularly valued by local and GCC citizens.

We can’t wait for you to see what the country has to offer so rush and get in touch with us to share this memorable experience together.